TOPSoccer, also known as The Outreach Program for Soccer, is a program specifically designed for anyone with any type of mental or physical challenge that can hinder them from being able to participate on a team. Founded in Kentucky in 1995 by Janice Winters at Oldham County Youth Soccer, EYSA became the 6th organization in the state to adopt the program into its league in 2005. TOPS is supported by EYSA, KYSA, and U.S. Youth Soccer.

TOPSoccer relies totally upon volunteers and donations, if you need community service hours for school this is a great place to get it. If you can donate either to the TOPSoccer program or to the Round Robin Festival please do so.

TOPSoccer Needs You!

TOPSoccer is in desperate need of Buddies and coaches. This is a vital program to EYSA, and our area. In order for this program to function properly and continue to grow we need volunteers.

We would like 4 coaches for the TOPSoccer program and at least 1 buddy per player. Coaches need some soccer knowledge and a strong desire to see these athletes have fun while learning the game of soccer. Buddies can be anyone over the age of 10.

What does it require of you? 1-3 hours of your time a week for about 8 weeks a season.

What do you have to do? Come out and play and teach soccer to athletes with various types of abilities.

Contact Christi Scovel at for more information.