About Us

Elizabethtown Youth Soccer is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing a healthy environment in which children of all ages and abilities can have fun and learn to play soccer.  EYSA fosters a love for the sport of soccer and develops the athlete by facilitation physical and mental growth through team play.

EYSA provides an opportunity to play a sport that is truly a “Game For All Kids” through the recreational division for ages 2-18, the Flames Soccer Club select program, and the TOPSoccer Program for children with any type of mental or physical delay.  EYSA also offers young athletes and coaches a variety of training camps and individual programs to aid in the development of individual and collective skills.

Here are a few links to help you get to know our policies and bylaws.

The organization is run by a host of dedicated individuals who’s names and contact info can be found in the contact page above!  We hope you spend some time on the site getting to know our organization, but we truly hope to connect with you soon and see your child become a part of this great association!